Peder Jebsen, a businessman from Bergen, traveled through the small village of Dale in 1872, located some 60 kilometers east of Bergen. Peder Jebsen had previous studied modern production methods in England, had a keen interest in textile production, and recognized Dale as an ideal place to set-up a premium textile production facility utilizing the valley’s potential for natural hydro power -- and the easy access to Norwegian wool. He secured the rights for the local water falls and soon thereafter, steamboats loaded with new machines from England sailed upriver carrying modern looms and dye machines. The Dale of Norway textile facility was completed in 1879 and has remained in the Dale village ever since. From the start, Jebsen was able to combine his knowledge of modern textile production, and focus on premium wool, with Norwegian craftsmanship, creating the premium knitwear that Dale of Norway is known for worldwide.

Company grows

Dale of Norway’s knitwear was quickly recognized for its premium quality -- and the company grew very quickly becoming the largest employer in the region. Skilled knitters and artisans joined the company and it was not unusual that several family members worked at Dale of Norway. Subsequently, this experience and expertise was often passed on to the next generation that continued to turn out beautiful garments over the years.

Early innovation

Dale of Norway has long been recognized as a leader in the field of wool and is known for important innovations. Based on research and experimentation with different wool types, Dale of Norway introduced premium worsted wool in 1912 that helped create the crisp long-lasting Dale of Norway quality that the company is known for – a quality and look that has remained synonymous with the Dale of Norway brand until this day.

Centuries of knitting

It is no coincidence that Dale of Norway developed its unique look and high-quality knitwear. Norwegians have knit for centuries due to the need for practical yet stylish clothing for the Norwegian climate. This expertise and knowledge has been passed on through generations of Norwegians -- and Dale of Norway had no problem finding skilled knitters and craftsmen when the company started in 1879.