Concept Stores

Oslo, Norway

See the complete collection in our concept store, located in the heart of Oslo

Dale of Norway Concept Store
Karl Johansgate 45
N-0162 Oslo
Phone: +47 9748 1207

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday: 10-20 (10AM-8PM)
Saturday: 10-18 (10AM-6PM)
Sunday: Closed

Stavanger, Norway

The complete collection is available in our concept store in Stavanger, located in the downtown area.

Dale of Norway Concept
Skagen 4
N-4006 Stavanger
Phone: +47 9748 1207

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

See the entire collection at our new North American concept store, located in the center of Quebec City.

Dale of Norway Concept
35 rue de Buade
Quebec City, QC G1R 4A2
Phone: +1 888 692-9904