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100% natural wool

Due to its exceptional properties that no synthetic fibers can match, wool is back in fashion. Wool is nature’s own “high-tech” fiber. It has great insulating abilities, it breathes and wicks moisture away from the body, is odor resistant – and it is a completely natural fiber!


Our collections are designed with different types of wool adapted to each product. Over the past 140 years we have fine-tuned our knitting techniques, making garments with superior long-lasting qualities.


Norwegian wool

The Norwegian wool is known for its exceptional long-lasting quality and crisp, appealing look. This makes it excellent for durable mid- and outer-layer knitwear. Norwegian wool is one of the world’s most eco- and animal-friendly textile fibers, due to the sheep’s natural mountain life. Our Norwegian wool comes from the “dalasau” (valley sheep”), known for roaming freely in the vast Norwegian hillsides while grazing in natural pastures.


Merino wool

Our merino wool is of the highest quality with a certified animal-friendly origin. These lightweight and soft garments can be worn next to skin without discomfort, ideal for year-round use. And, of course, our merino wool is mulesing free.


Properties of wool:

* Superior insulation

* Excellent breathability

* Regulates temperature

* Absorbs and wicks moisture

* Warm even when wet or damp

* Antibacterial and odor resistant

* Elastic and maintains its shape

* Non-static and fire-retardant

* 100% natural, sustainable fiber