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Our Wool

Norwegian is renowned for its unique brilliance, strength and longevity

Norwegian wool

Norwegian is renowned for its unique brilliance, strength and longevity. It holds more volume than lighter wool qualities, making it a superb insulator. Due to the sheep’s natural mountain life, Norwegian wool is one of the world’s most animal-friendly textile fibers. Our Norwegian wool comes from the “dalasau” (valley sheep”), known for roaming freely in the vast Norwegian hillsides while grazing in natural pastures.

Garments with longer lifespan is a key factor to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle. The harsh Norwegian climate generates a wool quality with exceptional long-lasting properties and a crisp, appealing look. Combined with our advanced knitting techniques, the outcome is beautiful garments which consistently retains their fit and shape. In addition, Norwegian wool is less susceptible to pilling. As a result, our sweaters and jackets made of Norwegian wool will keep their fresh look year after year, and thus are often handed down to the next generation. Norwegian wool is excellent for durable mid- and outer-layer knitwear.

Our Norwegian wool is certified with the Norwegian Svanemerket (Swan label) as proof of animal-friendly treatment and minimized use of chemicals. Norwegian wool is a by-product of Norwegian sheep farming, where food production is the primary purpose. Thus, Norwegian wool is making additional use of an already existent resource. Our Norwegian wool is washed in England and dyed and spun in Austria. Compared to other types of wool, these are relatively short travels.

We have two Norwegian wool qualities: Plover and Heron. While Heron is a recently developed light quality, the more robust Plover quality has been one of our favorite yarns for more than 80 years!

Our wool family

Our collections are designed with different types of wool adapted to each product. Thus, our wool family is an extensive one. Since 1879 we have fine-tuned our production techniques, making garments with superior long-lasting qualities. This is the secret behind our unique wool garments with unsurpassed quality and longevity.

All our yarns are combed, as opposed to brushed. This process removes short fibers and ensures a softer feel, a crisp look and very little pilling.

Our wool family consists mainly of Norwegian wool and merino wool. Like all children, each are perfect in their own way. Our oldest family member is Plover. This rugged fellow has been with us for over 80 years – since 1939! Harmony is the newest addition to our family. She has spent some quality-time in Italy before arrival, which have made her quite a bit refined.

You can say all our family members have their own personalities. Here they are:

(Remember: the lower micron, the finer the wool).

Merino wool

Merino wool is a lighter and finer wool quality than other types of sheep’s wool. The smaller the diameter of the fiber, the lighter and softer the garment gets. (Diameters are measured in microns – micrometer). Being soft and comfortable to the skin, merino wool is excellent for next-to-skin garments as well as mid-layer garments.

Merino wool holds great insulating properties. Merino wool garments are both soft and warm. It also holds great elasticity and shape retention.

Our merino wool comes from certified farmers in South America, New Zealand and Australia. The wool is of the highest quality and complies with strict standards for animal welfare. Naturally, our merino wool is mulesing-free.

Fun fact: The fibers in Norwegian wool are thicker than in merino wool solely because of the Norwegian climate. If you place a Merino sheep in Norwegian pastures, its wool will gradually adapt to the cooler climate. The outcome would be merino wool with properties that resembles those of the Norwegian wool.