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First, there was ice

When the last ice age finally ended more than 10.000 years ago, Norway was one of the last countries to be released from its frozen grip. The retracting ice left behind deep, lush valleys. And thus, the unique and rugged Norwegian nature was created. The early humans moving up here learned to live as part of nature.

Then, there was water

The wet climate of west coast Norway and the glaciers combined, created countless rivers and waterfalls, winding their way from the mountains to the North Sea. While the harsh climate and rugged nature had the people facing countless challenges, it also left them with an abundance of opportunities.

Then came the sheep

Sheep were among the first animals to be domesticated. Through ingenuity and craftmanship, the unique properties of wool soon offered humans invaluable protection from the elements.

Then, dale

Hydroelectric power and wool are our father and mother. Without them, we could not have existed. Since the very beginning in 1879, the local Bergsdal river has powered our factory at Dale. Our factory is still situated a mere stone’s throw from the river that powers the transformation from wool to ready garments.

Inspired by nature

Due to the cold winters, Norway has a long tradition in wool and knitwear. This provides us with a rich heritage of beautiful patterns, inspired by nature and history. Some patterns we keep unaltered, others are transformed into new, contemporary designs.

100% natural

The insulating and moisture wicking properties of wool allows us to respectfully explore the powers of nature, even when the weather conditions are far from ideal. We love being in the great outdoors, regardless of weather. If only a few of us live off the land, we all live in it.

The Next Generation

Wool is one of the keys to a more sustainable future. With a persistent focus on making high-quality, long-lasting garments of 100% wool, our collections are designed to last, design-wise and quality-wise. Our annual collection launch is equally focused on the continuation of our classic bestsellers. And just as important: If you take proper care of your Dale-garment, you’ll be able to be hand it down to the next generation.