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Surviving the fires

It has been quite a journey since 1879. Our factory has survived several devastating fires, two world wars, a depression, a couple of floods and several pandemics.

We’ve had so many fires we pragmatically divide them into larger fires and smaller ones. Initially the textile industry was a high-risk business, where the high temperature drying of textile fibers, a lot of dust, oils and chemicals was a highly flammable combination. Luckily, the latest one dates all the way back to 1975.

No need to point out the negative consequences of these fires. But interestingly, we have also had one fire later to be known as “the lucky fire”. In 1907 our factory burned to the ground. In a time where companies usually were self-insured, the Dale management wisely had insured both the factory and the machinery. The indemnity payment allowed the management to build a larger and much more efficient factory. This was an important factor for the success to come.

Catching up with the present, we are still designing and producing high quality garments at Dale. Being one of the very few textile companies with production in Norway, our factory is only a stones-throw from where it all started in 1879. Whatever the future holds, we are confident it holds a place for a Norwegian brand with focus on quality, natural materials and lasting designs. And as the story shows: If we fall, we rise.