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Slow fashion = sustainability

With increased focus on our environmental impact on our planet, a more – and much needed – conscious attitude towards production and consumption of textiles have erupted. The textile industry has for a long time been dominated by “fast fashion” with continuous launches of seasons and news, mainly produced in developing countries. Our breathtaking consumption of textiles have been a stark contrast to our increased concern on our footprint on Earth.

With a persistent focus on making high-quality, long lasting garments of 100% wool, our Dale of Norway collections are designed to last, design-wise and quality-wise. We are not a trend hopping brand with a collection launch for every season, focusing on short lived micro trends. We work with the longer lines. Our annual collection launch is equally focused on the continuation of our classic bestsellers. You can say we have operated within “slow fashion” since before the expression even existed.

Our knitwear is fully fashioned as opposed to cut & sew. We knit the panels of our garments into their actual shape and size and then link them together with a linking machine. This generates very little waste fabric, only 1-2%, as opposed to cut & sew where more than 20% waste fabric is common. Not only does this substantially reduce the consumption of raw materials, but it also leads to a corresponding reduction in wool and yarn to be processed and transported. In addition, our production is continuously adjusted according to demand. Overproduction and the environmental impacts implied are thus avoided.

Being among the best in class doesn’t mean you can’t get any better. Every day we are looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact. Step by step. Sweater by sweater. Sheep by sheep. We believe in wool.